Walk to Work Systems

The Walk-to-Work system is a motion compensated gangway equipped with compensating cylinders that keep the gangway steady, even on rough seas. Thus making it a safe personnel/cargo transfer from the vessel to the point of destination.

TILLEN engineers worked on multiple such systems, either fully electric or hydraulic. They were involved in the pre-engineering, in concept definition and ultimately in the development and release of production drawings. On two already well-established systems, TILLEN was involved in the improvement process.

The TILLEN-added Value:

● Designing with strict guidelines;
● Re-using existing drive principles;
● Preparation for production and construction supervision;
● Structural verification;
● Fabrication drawings.

Applicable codes/norm:

● Lloyd’s Register Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine

Facts & Figures:

● Full motion compensation;
● Telescopic feature;
● Cargo and personnel transfer switch mode;
● Safety as key feature;
● Fully electric/hydraulic.

walk to work 1
walk to work 2
walk to work 3
walk to work 4
walk to work 1 walk to work 2 walk to work 3 walk to work 4