Turn-key projects

TILLEN offers a one-stop shop for clients – we provide the total package. TILLEN designs, calculates and delivers fabrication drawings, while also unburdening the client by taking care of the fabrication, testing, installation and commissioning of the project (EPIC contracts).

The one-stop-shop concept makes the realization process more efficient: at an early stage, the engineers tune the designs, in accordance with the certifying authorities and production facility, erasing the possibility of transition problems.

In providing our solutions, we do not shy away from drawing from our vast network of external specialists and additional work forces.

Design & Verification

Our Design Services – Engineering Design – is where the development of your new equipment or structure starts: possible solutions to your challenges are being developed into a functional design, supported by reports and drawings. We then optimize these ideas in the evaluation-process in which we work through the solutions with you, making adjustments where requested, until you have exactly the product you desire. From the basis of design, calculation reports and all information required to define and evaluate your solutions are being recorded and presented clearly. These reports are recognized and utilized by both certifying authorities and customers.

TILLEN handles the total scope of engineering: from the fabrication-drawings until the design appraisal. Apart from designing the solution to your project, TILLEN can also realize this solution into a construction. In the case of large mechanical constructions, clients sometimes face inevitable operational challenges in the fabrication. In this case, TILLEN can function as a consultant or provide a management service.

TILLEN’s engineers have the know-how and operational expertise to create a practical and easy-to-use tailored design, whilst complying with the industry standard. Our main concern is to ensure the safety, robustness and functionality. To achieve this commitment, we deal with complex analysis where we test important aspects such as stress-deformation, stability, material fatigue or natural frequency. All this is possible by combining finite element analysis (FEA), the latest engineering knowledge and our passion for good engineering.


TILLEN is employable as an advisor on technical designs, design processes, design appraisals and certification matters. TILLEN’s advice can be focused on the design itself or also on the design process. TILLEN performs design verification calculations and can advise and manage the process for design appraisal and certification by a notified body.

For specific design related advice, we offer guidance on:

    • system functioning;
    • interfacing;
    • manufacturability;
    • handling, installation and assembly of subsystems;
    • certification and design appraisal.

We assist in the design process, offering advice on:

    • organizing CAD models;
    • drawing files;
    • document control process;
    • quality control;
    • verification;
    • documentation.