Micro Shelter

The Micro Shelter is a product developed by TILLEN to provide a compact and robust enclosure for storage and transport of professional systems. This facility is designed to accommodate a MAX antenna, a radar server rack, a transformer and a weather station .

The Micro Shelter features:

– 4 lifting points;
– An operational radar system;
– A self-elevating table;
– An HVAC System;
– All required (but optional and application-based) platforms;
– Roofs for maintenance in rough weather conditions;
– Safe-guarded power and ethernet connectors.

The TILLEN-added value:

●  Design engineering;
●  Detailed production drawings;
●  Offering technical support/”know-how”.

Facts & Figures:

●  Mass of 2510 kg;
●  LWH of 1650x1520x2290;
●  Designed to withstand 77m/s wind.

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