Handling Equipment


Cable reels are widely used in off/onshore, and often times the transport over a storage yard is a burden.

Fitting a range of diameters, from 2 to 4.3 metres, the TILLEN designed cable reel trolley scoops up the reels and allows transport by means of every available tractor. Optional cradles with rollers allow the trolley to be used as mobile spooling device, efficiently serving the logistical process of the cable storage facility.


Heavy machinery in complex and extensive projects ask for special and custom made equipment.

On a substation platform, electric cables from various wind turbine farms are connected and in the process of doing so, pull-in operations are required. To facilitate the operation, a cable pull-in frame with a centralized hoisting winch has been provided by TILLEN. The cable pull-in frame is designed to be positioned over a J-tube and secured in that position by using pad eyes which are mounted on the cable deck.

From design to delivery, the complete scope has been realized by us.

We implement your specific needs into the design of any equipment, while additional fabrication and delivery by us can further save you valuable time and money.

All our custom made equipment can be certified by renowned parties, complying with their specific regulations.