Alu-Oxide Crusher

For this project, TILLEN designed a production line to increase the production capacity for crushed aluminum oxide. This production line was spread over a ten story building which accommodate various other vertical production lines, that needed to be taken in account with the design.

TILLEN measured the old production line and designed the new route using a 3D concept layout. In addition, TILLEN also designed a new aluminum oxide crusher with a higher supply velocity and a bigger production capacity. The production line of the aluminum oxide crusher was designed and fabricated very efficiently and accurately, resulting in zero complications during production and assembly.

The TILLEN-added value:

●   Full design;
●   Fabrication drawings;
●   Structural verification.

Applicable codes/norm:

●   NEN-EN 1993-1;
●   2006-42-EC Machinery Directive.

Facts & Figures:

●  39 m spread on various floors;
●  Modular add-on design.

Al2O3 2
Al2O3 3
Al2O3 1
Al2O3 4
Al2O3 2 Al2O3 3 Al2O3 1 Al2O3 4