About us

TILLEN was founded in 2007 by three professional engineers who combined a passion for large steel structures with their experience in mechanical design and an eagerness to excel. TILLEN adopts a hands-on approach, using expert analytical skills and a diligent commitment to find the right solution for your question.

TILLEN provides expertise in the field of mechanical and structural engineering, creating, providing and conducting tailor made solutions for handling heavy and unwieldy loads. Being adaptable to all sorts of territories, our portfolio not only covers heavy lifting based projects, but also includes the design of specialist equipment, supporting structures and handling equipment for various markets.

Our working method

TILLEN’s team is devoted to cater the individual project’s needs in a personal and cooperative way, using a single point of contact when accompanying our clients. TILLEN handles the total scope of the engineering process, from designing until fabrication, unburdening the client of all concerns, while still keeping them involved in every choice.

TILLEN’s operations can also draw on a vast network of partners to extend our in-house competences with additional capacity in the field of:
●  naval architecture
●  fabrication
●  drive and control

We pride ourselves on our reputation, being “as good as our word”.


Our expertise grew successfully over the years and we are now active, among others, in containerization, offshore access, motion compensated equipment, and heavy mechanical engineering.


The dominant method of transportation in the logistic world is by means of containers. At TILLEN, our engineers have expertise and knowledge in the art of containerization. We design or redesign the equipment for various clients and projects into a “container format” or we change the design in such a way that it fits into a standard or modified container or on a flat rack (including extra supports to distribute the weight to its strong points). All these designs are in accordance with the applicable rules for containers.

Motion compensation equipment

Due to heavy working conditions offshore, it is crucial to search for solutions that can reduce the worker’s downtime during operations. One of the solutions is by providing motion compensation equipment that can stabilize the systems during vessel motions. TILLEN has expertise in the mechanical design and calculation of motion compensated gangways, cranes and winches.